Living a Life of Joy and Happiness: Why I Am Happy to Be a Christian

Today, we have a brand new video release that we believe will uplift your spirits and remind you of the countless blessings that being a Christian brings.

In our latest episode titled “Why I Am Happy to Be a Christian,” we dive deep into the reasons why embracing Christianity can truly make life worth living. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

πŸ”‘ Key 1: Understanding God’s Grace: Discover how the crucifixion of Jesus demonstrates God’s immense grace, and how the Holy Spirit’s work in the scheme of redemption is both revelatory and confirmatory.

πŸ”‘ Key 2: The Equation for the Bible: Unveil how “revelation plus inspiration equals Bible,” the divine combination that led to the creation of the Word of God.

πŸ”‘ Key 3: The Indwelling Joy: Find out how becoming a Christian fills your heart with joy and assurance, and how joining the righteous path brings happiness not only in the future, but also in every single day of your life.

πŸ”‘ Key 4: The Power of Prayer: Learn the importance of turning to God in times of hardship, and how He listens and desires to fulfill the legitimate needs and desires of His children.

πŸ”‘ Key 5: The Unity in Christ: Explore the significance of Christ’s crucifixion and baptism for establishing a deep relationship with Him, and understand why unity among believers is vital.

πŸŽ‰ Fun Fact: Did you know that when the Ethiopian was baptized in Acts 8:26-40, there was great rejoicing? It’s amazing to see how even a single act of obedience to the Gospel can ignite joy within the hearts of believers!

So, come join us in this uplifting and enlightening episode as we dive into the reasons why we are truly happy to be Christians. Let’s reaffirm our faith and embrace the abundant life that Christ promised us!

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Sermon Outline

  • The grace demonstrated through the Lord’s crucifixion
  • The Holy Spirit as the Spirit of grace
  • The revelatory and confirmatory work of the Holy Spirit
  • The equation “revelation plus inspiration equals Bible”
  • Paul commending the ephesian elders to God and the Word of his grace
  • The operation of God’s grace through Christ and the Holy Spirit
  • Miracles as confirmation of the Word being the Word of God
  • The divine side of salvation and the principle of operation grace
  • The meaning of the name Christian
  • Belief in Christ’s crucifixion and baptism as a requirement to be a Christian
  • Joy in heaven and in the hearts of Christians when one obeys the Gospel
  • Seeking God’s help through prayer in difficult times
  • The story of Brother Gus Nichols and the importance of persistent prayer
  • Belonging to Christ and being a Christian
  • The divisive state in the Church in Corinth
  • The role of the Holy Spirit in revealing and transmitting God’s revelation
  • Understanding and believing in the Fatherhood of God
  • God as the giver of good gifts to His children
  • Rejoicing and believing in God through baptism
  • The kingdom of God and its qualities of righteousness, joy, and peace
  • Being a Christian as a life of joy and happiness
  • The value and purpose of being a Christian in life
  • Serving God throughout all the days of one’s life

Questions & Answers

Q: What does the Holy Spirit’s work in the scheme of redemption involve?
A: The Holy Spirit’s work in the scheme of redemption is both revelatory and confirmatory.

Q: How did the Bible come to be?
A: The equation “revelation plus inspiration equals Bible” explains how the Bible came to be.

Q: What does it mean to be a Christian?
A: To be a Christian means to believe that Christ was crucified for you and to be baptized in the name of the Lord.

Q: What brings joy to heaven and fills the hearts of Christians with joy?
A: When someone obeys the Gospel and becomes a Christian, it brings joy to heaven and fills their hearts with joy.

Q: Why is prayer important for Christians?
A: Life is filled with challenges and difficulties, and prayer to God is essential during these times. It is important to seek God’s help and guidance.

Q: Can Christians turn to any other source or place in times of need?
A: No, there is no other source or place to turn to except God in times of need.

Q: What conditions must be met for someone to belong to Christ?
A: Christ must be crucified for them, and they must be baptized in his name in order to belong to Christ.

Q: What role did the Holy Spirit play in the revelation and transmission of God’s Word?
A: The Holy Spirit played a crucial role in revealing the mind of God to the New Testament apostles and prophets, ensuring the accurate reception and transmission of the revelation.

Q: How does prayer allow believers to communicate with God?
A: Prostrating themselves and pouring out their hearts to God in prayer allows believers to communicate their deepest needs and desires to Him.

Q: What is the kingdom of God about?
A: The kingdom of God is not about material things, but about righteousness, joy, and peace in the Holy Ghost.

Q: Why is the speaker happy to be a Christian?
A: The speaker is happy to be a Christian for three reasons: it makes life worth living, it brings about abundant life, and it pertains to all the days of one’s life.


Christian Identity: “I am of means I belong to. In fact, Moffat’s translation renders the text thusly hence, they were saying, I belong to Paul, I belong to Apollos, I belong to Cephas. And some were saying, I belong to Christ.”
β€” Wendell Winkler [00:00:46 β†’ 00:02:19]

The Importance of Baptism: “None of us can say that we are of Christ unless we have been baptized in his name.”
β€” Wendell Winkler [00:02:19 β†’ 00:03:34]

“The Spirit of Grace: Everything He Did is Rooted in and a Demonstration of the Grace of God”
β€” Wendell Winkler [00:05:05 β†’ 00:06:39]

The Work of the Holy Spirit in Inspiration: “The Holy Spirit not only revealed the mind of God, but he saw that the recipients accurately received it… whether it was delivered verbally or in written form, the Holy Spirit in the process of inspiration, saw that what had been revealed was accurately transmitted.”
β€” Wendell Winkler [00:07:36 β†’ 00:08:50]

God’s Grace and the Operative Word: “And as you know, in addition to that that we have just spoken concerning, then the Holy Spirit also enabled the apostles and the early disciples to perform miracles, to confirm or to verify that the Word indeed was the Word of God.”
β€” Wendell Winkler [00:10:02 β†’ 00:11:18]

Viral Topic: What is a Christian?
Quote: “A Christian is a sinner who has been saved by grace because the Lord was crucified through faith because he has been baptized.”
β€” Wendell Winkler [00:13:02 β†’ 00:14:31]

The Joy of Being a Christian: “Becoming a Christian and living the Christian life is a life of joy and a life of happiness.”
β€” Wendell Winkler [00:14:32 β†’ 00:15:44]

The Importance of Remembering God’s Promises: “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”
β€” Wendell Winkler [00:15:44 β†’ 00:17:13]

The Fatherhood of God: “We must come to understand and deeply believe in the Fatherhood of God. And where is the Father that does not listen to his children and desire to give them their request?”
β€” Wendell Winkler [00:20:15 β†’ 00:21:32]

The Power of Prayer: “How many times and where would we have been during these times if we could not have gone to God and said, My Father, and asked for help?”
β€” Wendell Winkler [00:21:32 β†’ 00:23:29]






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