church of Christ Sermon Notes

  • Why the Church of Christ Says No to Instruments

    In the realm of religious worship, one can find a myriad of practices and beliefs that shape the way people connect with the divine. The Church of Christ staunchly upholds the practice of acapella singing, abstaining from the use of musical instruments during worship services. This distinctive stance on instruments has sparked curiosity and debate…

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  • Why Are There So Many Denominations and Does God Approve?

    Why Are There So Many Churches? The existence of multiple churches with conflicting teachings and practices is a result of historical divisions and departures from the biblical pattern, leading to confusion for seekers of truth. The Biblical Call for Unity It is crucial to recognize that the Bible emphasizes the oneness of the church, describing…

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  • Exploring the Truth About the Apocrypha and Lost Books of the Bible

    We’re back with another thought-provoking video from the church of Christ Sermons. In this episode, Don Blackwell from World Video Bible School delves into the fascinating topic of the Apocrypha and the lost books of the Bible. Get ready to unlock some eye-opening insights! Now, let me give you a sneak peek into what you…

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  • Respecting the Silence of Scripture by Wendell Winkler

    An Examination of 2 Timothy 2:15 and Matthew 20:18 We’ve got an exciting new video release for you from our “Church of Christ Sermons” channel. In this episode, we dive into the thought-provoking topic of “Respecting the Silence of Scripture” featuring the captivating speaker, Wendell Winkler. Get ready to have your understanding of biblical authority…

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  • Why I Love the church of Christ

    We’re excited to bring you another thought-provoking episode from the church of Christ Sermons channel. In this week’s video, Glenn Colley shares his heartfelt reasons for loving the church of Christ. Here are 5 key takeaways from the episode that you don’t want to miss: 2️⃣ Parables and Lessons from Jesus: Dive into Jesus’ parable…

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  • Living a Life of Joy and Happiness: Why I Am Happy to Be a Christian

    Today, we have a brand new video release that we believe will uplift your spirits and remind you of the countless blessings that being a Christian brings. In our latest episode titled “Why I Am Happy to Be a Christian,” we dive deep into the reasons why embracing Christianity can truly make life worth living.…

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